Tuesday, July 28 • 8:00am - 5:01pm
4: Psychoneuroimmunology Across the Life Span (One-Day Workshop)

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Psychoneuroimmunology Across the Life Span

Speakers: Elisabeth Andritsch and Miri Cohen

Health psychology is based on the „bio-psycho-social model“, that includes effects of psychological and social factors on disease risk, prevention, treatment compliance, quality of life and many other essential aspects connected with wellbeing and self-efficacy. Psychoneuroimmunology provides an understanding of fundamental mechanism involved in the bio-psycho-social model meaning that psychological and social factors influence disease processes via two main mechanisms: psychosocial processes (individual differences like optimism, depression or resources concerning coping and social support…) and health behaviors (sleep, alcohol, sports, relaxation exercises…). In the last decades the knowledge about the complexity of the relationship between psychosocial distress and immune regulation in the context of the cancer disease has increased and therefore the integration of the psycho-neuro-immunological concept in psychological interventions for patients with cancer has great potential.

This workshop will be split into two parts: the first part of this workshop will provide an overview (basics) of the concept of psychoneuroimmunology and the mind-body connection. 

The second part will go deeper into the main elements of methods relating to the PNI concepts integrated in psychosocial interventions for cancer patients and in research questions.

The workshop is open to clinicians from all professions caring for cancer patients and young researchers, who are interested or working in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology and who consider researching in this area.

In the first part of the workshop (morning session):

  • The attendee will get acquainted with the basic knowledge of PNI and will understand the bi-directional connections between emotions and body and the processes that mediate these connections.
  • The attendee shall be able to understand principles of PNI research.
In the second part of the workshop (afternoon session):
  • The attendee shall be able to understand the specific aspects of Psychoneuroimmunology in Cancer
  • The attendee shall be able to practice research projects
  • The attendee shall be able to connect his or her own experiences with the PNI knowledge
  • The attendee shall be able to identify the effects of specific interventions on the immune system and physical health

Tuesday July 28, 2015 8:00am - 5:01pm
LeDroit Park Meeting Level 3

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